Welcome to Marwood Wifi!

Welcome to Marwood Hill Gardens. Enjoy your stay.

Mobile phone coverage is sparse at Marwood, but free Wifi is available for guests by connecting to “Marwood Gardens Guest”. Wifi coverage is best around the Tea Room and Walled Garden area.

We love feedback! Please check-in or leave us a review on our Facebook page.

The gardens’ web site is a rich source of information about the garden history, national collections, champion trees, etc.

Plants can be purchased in the plant sales area in the Walled Garden. Alternately, purchase them on-line and the plants will be packaged safely and shipped to any address in the UK.


Visitor Entrance
Car & coach parking
Tea Room.
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Astilble Beds
Plant sales
The Walled Garden
Bog Garden
Eucalyptus & Birch Garden
Conifer Collection
Bluebell Wood
The Folly
Wild Garden
Hydrangea Walk
Camellia Walk
The Quarry
Wisteria Arbour
Herbaceaous Borders
Mediterranean Beds
Hellebore Beds
Scree Beds
Tulbaghia Beds
Rhododendron Beds