Raised by Harrie Verduin in Holland in late 1990’s and distributed in 2005.
Distributed by Darwin Plants throughout Europe.

Available from several nurseries in UK and Europe.

Good late flowering form of compact habit and nice colour.

It has strong stems and good flowers. A good garden plant

Low – 31 – 60cm

Mid-season – 16th-31st July

colour Light reddish-purple
shape Sphere
length Medium – 11-25cm
width Medium – 11-20cm
density Dense
Lowest branch
angle of branching 40°
length 11cm
density of flowers Dense
Diameter Medium – 5-7mm
colour Light reddish purple
Shape Spatulate
Diameter Medium – 5-7mm
Sepal Colour Light purplish-pink
Filament Colour Light reddish-Purple
Carpel Colour Light reddish-purple
Size 16cm wide x 26cm long
Colour Mid green
Nodes Colour Greed
Stem Colour Green
Terminal Leaflet
Surface Matt