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A plant that grabs the attention of visitors to the garden in June and into July are the various clumps of Dierama that are planted by the tearoom in our Mediterranean border. Their stems erupt into a virtual explosion of fireworks with their pink and red bell flowers dangling on the extended stems.

A plant from South Africa, Dieramas are easy to grow and go by the common name of Angels Fishing Rods. They prefer a sunny warm sight and poor stony ground with good drainage.

A plant that will do well if our future climate is going to get drier with longer spells of sunny hot weather.  They can be grown from seed which germinates readily and usually flower after 2 to 3 years or the clumps can be split up in the autumn or spring and replanted. There are several species of differing heights and flower colours – there are even white flowered forms.

A hit with visitors to the garden and a plant to plant for the future!

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