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Plant of the Month – Camellias

By February 29, 2024No Comments

It’s difficult to give one plant of the Month for March as there is so many, so I’ve made the difficult decision that it has to be the many Camellias that are now out in flower.

We have a huge collection both outside and in a large greenhouse. In fact, we have been awarded a Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society for our collection.  There are only 5 Camellia Gardens of Excellence for in Britain and only about 30 around the world, so it shows just how impressive our display is!

We have about 500 different cultivars of all shapes and sizes from the large, flowered types to the miniature flowered forms. This year they seem to be covered in bloom could this be because of the hot and sunny June we had last year followed by a wet autumn just when the flower buds were starting to form for this spring’s flowering. Whatever, they are excelling themselves now and will be till the end of April.

Many of them are for sale in the Plant Sales area in the walled garden along with other desirable plants ready for planting this spring. You can shop our collection of Camellia’s here:


Camellias at Marwood Hill Gardens

Variegated Camellia

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