One man's weed....

Haloragis erecta ‘Wellington Bronze’

Whilst cutting back the herbaceous borders on a very drizzly December morning. The garden team came across this unusual plant, unlabeled, it was found growing together with a beautiful silver leaved Astelia. This unknown plant has coarsely toothed attractive brownish-bronze leaves and burgundy stems. The silver-bronze combination looked great. After further investigation, this mystery plant revealed itself to be the rarely seen New Zealand plant Haloragis erecta ‘Wellington Bronze’, commonly known as raspwort. It was planted by a past head gardener and duly forgotten about.
Endemic to New Zealand, Haloragis erecta grows as a pioneer plant spreading through forest clearings, on cliffs, banks, roadsides, unkempt gardens and wasteland within urban areas often considered a weed. At Marwood it grows in an open sunny aspect. Despite being little seen in cultivation this plant is easily propagated from cuttings, the team have taken a few to grow on, which will hopefully make fine additions to our future pot displays.