Rosebay Willowherb  

 ‘Weed or Wildflower?’

Rosebay willowherb, aka the gardener’s enemy. It runs rampant through beds, growing over anything and everything in its path. With its underground runners and the speed that it set seeds, it is notoriously difficult to control and remove... So why then, is this plant of the month? The answer is simple; everybody wants to buy it!

Chamaenerion angustifolium ‘album’ is the white flowering form of Rosebay Willowherb. With it’s tall, willowy and graceful; slender spikes of white flowers and apple-green willow like leaves, it’s really quite striking.

Let’s step back a minute and remind ourselves this is not a weed. The very thing that makes willowherb difficult to manage, is in fact an attribute to the white willow herb. It’s very low maintenance, bulks up quickly.  Its attractive foliage quickly covers the gaps created, when the spring bulb displays begin to finish and lose their leaves.

 It is the sort of soft and floaty plant that might appear in a landscape painting. Ideally planted in large drifts in naturalistic plantings or herbaceous borders. It makes impressive displays at Marwood Hill Gardens. The time to view it, is in June and July. You will find it planted in the herbaceous borders and entranced beds.  

 Chamaerion angustifolium 2

Top tip

Ordinarily Rosebay willowherb is notorious for producing copious amounts of fluffy white seeds which quicky germinate spread through and overwhelm plantings, the white form does not self-seed. It is worth removing all the fluffy seed heads before they emerge as this can look quite untidy and detract from the surrounding flower displays.

This plant is tough, tolerant of any soil condition, Loved by bees and butterflies and low maintenance and a welcome addition to any garden. We have been inundated by requests from garden visitors who wish to buy this plant. This plant will be available to purchase from out plant shop from spring 2022.