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Garden Team Blog – February 2022

By February 5, 2022August 1st, 2023No Comments

 Surviving the storm!

It’s been quite a mild February but certainly a windy one! This month was really dominated by Storm Eunice which resulted in significant tree loss for Marwood. An awful, destructive and heart-breaking weekend of weather which saw Marwood lose more than half its shelterbelt, as well a large sequoiadendron, x3 large Eucalyptus, larches, squashed rhododendrons and one smashed pane. The clearing will be slow and steady and we need to deal with the large amount of waste wood and branches generated, so do forgive us if you find the odd fallen tree in the garden un-attended! The plan for much of the wood is to reuse it for garden benches, lake and path edging.

Development in the garden this month has included:

  • Continuing clearing of Mediterranean terrace for replanting in spring when the risk of frost has passed
  • Preparation of Marsh area for Iris ensata collection to be planted
  • Labels have been placed out in preparation for planting
  • Volunteers have been busy helping us scrub up the plant sales area, in preparation for weekend openings in March
  • Volunteers have been busy potting and propagation plants for the new season also
  • Jobs such as Birch cleaning and brambling have also been happening intermittently!

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