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Brickell Award 2020

By August 7, 2020March 2nd, 2023No Comments

Malcolm Pharoah is awarded Plant Heritage’s prestigious Brickell Award 2020


The National Collection Holder grows over 200 cultivars of Astilbe at Marwood Hill Garden, Devon

Horticultural charity Plant Heritage is delighted to award north Devon-based Malcolm Pharoah, with their prestigious Brickell Award 2020, for his National Plant Collection of Astilbe held at Marwood Hill Gardens.

The Brickell Award (named after Plant Heritage’s founding member and current Vice-President Chris Brickell) recognises excellence in cultivated plant conservation, and celebrates the extensive conservation work achieved by one of the charity’s 400+ National Collection Holders each year.

Watch the Bricknell Award Ceremony video with Jonathon Webster,Vice Chairman of Plant Heritage’s Plant Conservation Committee interviewing Malcolm Pharoah on this special day