Not so flaming June has arrived, after a lovely start to the year. However, some of the larger shrubs and trees are now coming into their own - look out especially for the unusual Hankerchief tree, with its hankie-like flowers.

Plans are underway at Marwood Hill Garden to create an area to encourage butterflies. The ground is currently being prepared, with some annual planting underway and further planting planned for September. 

Unusual, colourful, spectacular - watch out for these on your visit this month.

Our cornus kousa are looking the best we can remember this year. Their bracts will stay for a few weeks yet - make sure you come and see them.

The gardens here change daily, especially at this time of year. Don't miss the candelabra primulas in the bog garden

The March issue of The English Garden magazine features a 7 page article on Marwood Hill Garden by Katherine Lambert, with fabulous images by Clive Nicholls.

Well, Marwood has been a veritable hive of activity since we closed last Autumn. Visitors coming this Spring and Summer will notice several dramatic changes!